About Mage2Plenty

We've been so busy with writing our Mage2Plenty plugin that we ended up with this thin page...

Mage2Plenty was initially developed for one of my clients (vegusto.co.uk) as this reputable company decided to move from LinnWorks to PlentyMarkets in order to fullfill their new requirements as business grows. Because there was no connector between the two systems we decided to create one.

Having written this extension, we realised that PlentyMarkets is a great all around and complete ERP system, demand for which is growing rapidly. This led us to thinking of making our module commercially available to other Magento users, who need to connect to PlentyMarkets.

Our extension currently covers main functionalities such as order, customer and stock synchronisation. However, we'are working hard to make new features available.

Drop us an email or call if you would like to gather more information.

Thank you for your interest!

Soft Commerce Ltd